William Arega

Personal Trainer

Experience at

Focus On

1. Weight Loss
2. Conditioning & Toning
3. Boxing


- Certified REPS Level 3 Trainer
- Bachelor of Exercise Science
- Certified Boxing Coach
- Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach
- World Rugby Level 1 Coach


- Anywhere in Dubai




- 15 years of Personal Training Experience in the UAE


- Trains Both Men and Women
- Has Wide Range of Experience Training Women

Training with William

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Other Terms

  1. You can book William to visit you at either your residence gym or any other outdoor location in Dubai
  2. Validity period for classes range from one to two months depending on the number of classes purchased
  3. After the classes have been purchased, you can book your sessions by logging into your account
  4. Should you wish to cancel any booked classes, you are required to please cancel your class 12 hours before your scheduled class start time

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